BCAA Doubles Down and Decides to Continue Violating Sick Leave Best Practices

Friday, January 27, 2017
To: All Members at BCAA

Last year, we made you aware of how BCAA was violating your sick leave entitlements. Your union met with BCAA to discuss serious concerns we had with its sick leave policy, its use of Acclaim Ability Management, as well as the invasive 3-page “Attending Physician Statement of Disability” form that you are routinely required to complete.

During our meeting, we reviewed the form and highlighted the areas that violate your medical privacy rights and provided existing case law that demonstrated how other employers had adopted similar practices and were found to be in the wrong. We reviewed this case law with senior People & Development management and explained how it supported our argument. We even provided an example of an acceptable sick leave form to replace the “Attending Physician Statement of Disability” form.

BCAA responded to our concerns earlier this week and has declined to amend the form in a meaningful way that would respect your privacy rights. As such, we have referred these policy grievances to their respective next steps in the collective agreements (Step 3 in the Road Assist collective agreement and arbitration in the Service Location collective agreement). We will continue to pursue this matter and will advise you as it is resolves. In the meantime, please continue to contact your job steward or myself when you are approached by any representative of Acclaim Ability Management or are required to have the “Attending Physician Statement of Disability” form completed.

In solidarity,

Trevor Hansen
Union Representative