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BC Federation of Labour - ESL and Health and Safety at Work

Thursday, April 3, 2014
To: All MoveUP Job Stewards and Executive Councillors in the Lower Mainland

The BC Federation of Labour is once again offering a 12 week program to educate participants about workplace health and safety using an ESL curriculum model.

Participants will have an opportunity to improve their language skills while learning about workers' rights in health and safety.

In this unique program participants commit to attend a twice weekly, two-hour evening session for 12 weeks. There is no charge to participants.

Participants in these sessions will be able to use this knowledge and information to increase their awareness of health and safety and to become involved in the health and safety committees at their workplaces.

The initial class will begin on April 8th, 2014 as an orientation class, continuing with Tuesday & Thursday classes.

Please send registrations directly to the BC Federation of Labour.

Registration forms and information are available in .pdf by clicking here.

In Solidarity,

Gwenne Farrell
Chair, Education Committee

Please post and/or circulate for all members' information

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