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TO: All Depot Coordinators and Workleaders at CMBC

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
CMBC - Depot Overtime Distribution

Recently your union received information from some of our members employed in the depots which indicated that in some instances the employer was not adhering to the Letter of Agreement (LOA) RE: Distribution of Overtime for Depot Coordinators.

We took this issue up with the employer, who indicated that in their view the LOA was not practical in all circumstances and that they would not be able to continue with it in its current form. The LOA, which was signed in 2014, was subject to cancellation by either the employer or union without notice.

If the LOA were to be cancelled, there would be no process in place for the distribution of overtime aside from the collective agreement language which simply states that it is to be “equitably distributed”. Therefore, we set out to negotiate an amended LOA which would be acceptable to both parties and would maintain a fair and reasonable method of distributing overtime to depot staff.

A copy of the new LOA is attached here for your information. Going forward, overtime should be distributed in accordance with this LOA. If you feel that overtime is not distributed in accordance with this LOA, please advise your job steward.

In solidarity,

Stephen Von Sychowski, Union Representative

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17-CMBC-LOA-Depot Overtime Distribution-April 18
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