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Advocating for Your Jobs at BCUC Review of Site C

Monday, September 25, 2017
To: All MoveUP Members in Fort St. John

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On September 23, MoveUP President David Black gave a presentation to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC), detailing your concerns and advocating for your jobs at Site C.

The BCUC is conducting public input sessions for its final report on Site C due in November.  The review was requested by the NDP government to determine whether the project is financially viable and what the costs are to continue, cancel or delay.

Black talked about the human cost of cancelling Site C. He spoke of how many of you have moved your families and lives to Fort St. John and now, through no fault of your own, face an uncertain future.  

Following his presentation, he was interviewed by the media, including Global TV and News 1130 radio. “These people need to be looked after,” Black said.  “If the project is in fact cancelled, we can’t forget the workers who’ve moved and made the sacrifice so the rest of us can rely on the electricity system.  They should be taken care of.”

He also blamed the previous government for its complete lack of fiscal responsibility in refusing to conduct a review before Site C went ahead.

Black says “Our members’ best interests and livelihoods are our highest priorities and I will continue advocating for workers at Site C.  Whatever the government decides, we need assurances that our members will be taken care of.”

Global TV Report with David’s clip at 5 minutes 30 seconds into newscast

News 1130 Radio report

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MoveUP encourages members to speak at the community input sessions happening in Fort St. John.

There are two public input sessions scheduled for Fort St. John:

Date:          October 1 or 2
Time:         6pm – 10pm
Location:  Pomeroy Hotel, 11308 Alaska Rd


Or you can send your comments online:

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