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ABSBC - Article 14 – Leaves of Absence – Proof of Leave Request

Monday, August 29, 2016
To: All MoveUP members at Accenture Business Services

It has come to the Union’s attention that the Employer has, in some instances, requested that our members provide them with some form of documentation to substantiate various leave entitlements under the collective agreement.  These include but are not limited to Bereavement Leave (Article 14.17) and Family Leave (Article 14.18).  Although your Employer may request substantiation in respect to these leaves of absence, the request for proof should be based on factual conflicting information and not based on mere suspicion.  It is imperative that you are aware that the Employer is not entitled to your detailed or personal and confidential information, or any information that may lead to disclosure of your private details.  In the case of bereavement leave, they may ask for a copy of the death certificate or newspaper obituary, or for family leave a copy of a parking receipt from a medical facility you may have attended. These would be reasonable requests.  However, in some cases you will be unable to provide documentation to back up your leave.  In these cases you should only advise the Employer which immediate family member was involved in the leave request.

If you are requested to provide substantiation, and by doing so you would be disclosing private and confidential information to the Employer, we strongly advise that you do not disclose this information and immediately contact your Job Steward and/or Union Representative for assistance.

In solidarity,

Cheryl Popeniuk
Union Representative


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