How to File a Grievance

A violation of an employee’s rights on the job constitutes a legitimate grievance. Such rights are established by the collective agreement and any relevant legislation.

It's a steward's duty to investigate all the facts surrounding an alleged violation and report it to a union representative at the MoveUP office. For more information refer to the Grievance Procedure.

Here are some of the standard forms you might use to investigate and filing a grievance.

NOTE: for writable .pdfs, you must download the form before filling it in.

Questions on Grievances - Related to Discipline - Writeable PDF170.66 KB
MoveUP-Grievance Procedures for Stewards PDF27.31 KB
Questions on Grievances - Related Job Selection - Writeable PDF160.55 KB
Questions on Grievances - Related to Work Performance - Writeable PDF157.46 KB
MoveUP Witness Statement58.13 KB
MoveUP Grievance Form - Printable Version60.44 KB
MoveUP Grievance Form - Fillable PDF Version1.86 MB
MoveUP Grievance Form - Fillable Word Document63 KB
MoveUP Grievor's Statement - Fillable PDF Version854.32 KB
MoveUP-Grievors Statement - Printable Version61.98 KB
MoveUP-Union Fact Sheet - Fillable Word Document84.5 KB
MoveUP Grievance Hearing Outline - Writeable PDF142.77 KB
MoveUP-Grievance Hearing Notes - Printable Version16.52 KB
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