Do's & Don'ts of Collective Bargaining

The following is a reminder list of do’s and don’t for membership during collective bargaining:

DO support your bargaining committee’s efforts and strategies

DO attend and vote at all union meetings

DO support the democratic decision of the majority

DO recognize that it is not in your own best interests for your bargaining committee to release detailed information until negotiations are almost ended, and then such information is released at membership meetings

DO put a quick stop to rumours by getting the correct facts from your Job Steward

DO maintain confidence and solidarity

DO talk to Stewards, Officers and/or Staff of the Union, NOT management, about your concerns

DON’T let management know what you would accept

DON’T discuss any part of the negotiations with management

DON’T let management know if you are not happy with your bargaining committee

DO let your bargaining committee know (privately)

DON’T circulate petitions of any sort

DON’T pass any union materials (bulletins, etc.) to management

DON’T believe anything you hear or see in the news media unless it is confirmed by your bargaining committee

DON’T perpetuate rumours

DON’T criticize the democratic decisions of the majority

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