After Work: Staying in touch with our retirees

After years of service you’ve reached the reward for your hard work -retirement. Congratulations, and as your union, we wish you the best on this exciting next phase of your life.

But retirement doesn’t mean that we have to lose touch. MoveUP is pleased to continue your quarterly subscription to the union’s magazine, the Local Voice.

You are also welcome to become an associate member of the union, which gives you many of the rights full members enjoy. To learn more click here.

Visit these links for more information for retired members.

Other Retirees' Associations

BC FORUM: The BC Federation of Retired Union Members is an association for retired union members. Pension coverage and post-retirement costs are an issue for many, so please also be aware of BC FORUM’s attractive benefits packages. Their offer is time-limited, so please see their website for more information.

CURC: The Congress of Union Retirees of Canada acts as an advocacy organization on behalf of union retirees and senior citizens.

COSCO-BC: Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbiais the largest federation of seniors' organizations in the Province of British Columbia, representing seniors for over 50 years.

Government Resources

Labour Links

Seniors Discounts

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