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MoveUP Strategic Intent

MoveUP is a diverse, progressive, member-driven organization that protects members’ rights and empowers them to unite for better workplaces, communities and society as a whole.

About Your Union

MoveUP represents about 12,000 union members at public and private sector companies in Western Canada.

We are Local 378 of the COPE National Union which represents over 33,000 members, and we are affiliated to the BC Federation of Labour, the Canadian Labour Congress and Provincial Labour Councils.

We are a diverse and socially responsible union, working together with many community groups to ensure the public and elected government representatives are aware of the benefits that unions bring to the economy of BC.

Union members make a positive contribution in our society, and we invite you to learn more about MoveUP.

How MoveUP Works

At our core, MoveUP is a democracy. All union officers are elected by the members in their workplaces every three years. Click here to learn more about our structure and election process.

Member Resources/Orientation

Find practical information and general resources such as a member orientation kit, membership forms, our constitution and by-laws here.

Stewards & Councillors

Our Stewards and Councilors are our representatives and spokespeople at work. They are a vital link between the membership and the elected leadership. Go here for information, forms and other resources for Stewards and Councillors.


MoveUP has several union standing committees that work on specialized areas to make policy recommendations, engage members, organize events, strengthen the union, and protect members’ rights in the workplace. Learn more about the various MoveUP committees here.

How to Join

Need a union at work? Want to join MoveUP or simply interested in learning more? Click here.


Our connection with our members doesn't end when their work lives do. Go here to learn more about the Retired Members Association.

Pay your dues with PayPal

Some members, when on maternity leave, LTD and in some other circumstances, find that their dues deductions stop. To keep your membership current, pay your dues directly to the union through our PayPal account. You will be taken to a page that asks you to enter a donation amount. Enter the amount as directed by a letter or phone call from the union office.

Rest assured, even though the PayPal page says 'donation', you are paying your membership dues, which are tax deductible.


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